Tuesday, 30 August 2011

Little secret

There comes a time in everyone’s life when you start asking questions. From yourself. What am I doing, how did I get here, where am I going and why? The questions may very well vary with age, priorities or... you know, conditioned by all sort of things that are part of our lives, like: Is my house hurricane proof? Is my trip to NY going to be ruined because of the weather? *smiles a bit*

Early this year, we asked ourselves some difficult questions: What are we doing, how did we get here... where are we going and... how? The ‘’why’’ was clear from the beginning.

Never give up, never surrender! *laughs* That’s a line from 300, you know... that film with all the naked Spartans. Mhm.

We knew that although the economic situation was the way it was (still is) we had to keep moving forward. Build on top of what we have built for 15 years, but be innovative, daring and smart.

So.. Commercial Business Products scratched its head and OfficeThings.ie came into being: a vision of not only survival, but rebirth. Sounds a bit corny but hey, it kinda is like that.

We want to be great. For you. We want to be the best we can... for you. Because you see, we know one little secret: rewards will follow for us as well, as long as we keep putting our hearts and souls into this boring little business of office things. *giggles a bit*

It’s just how it is. You live to learn, be better, grow, give and love. We can’t say we love all our paper pallets and office chairs and little notebooks and copiers and faxes (anyone still uses them?) but hey... we do love being the answer to people’s problems. We love to try harder and be better. We are not saving the world, our inks and toners are not holding together families and feeding hungry children. :) But we are doing our little bit and we are trying to do it well.

So thank you for reading, wipe away that tear and order something. Heheh *just messing*

With love,

The OfficeThings.ie Team of eejits