Friday, 13 April 2012

This is what we did...

It has been a while for us… last year we put all of our efforts into making things work online.. and guess what: they are working. We are busy enough, we are growing and we have customers come directly to us... rather than us chasing them… which is something we are very happy with.  We have started trading on Amazon, will use eBay at some stage soon, we are working on a second online platform... and we are thinking about expanding... abroad. 

It was not easy... we had to put our trust into this mad busy and noisy online world. But it is working. 

These are some of the things we have done to get us where we are:

·         Rebranded, creating a new identity
·         Went online after 15 years of traditional trading
·         We picked a web platform that worked for us and customised it (redesign)
·         We built our new identity based on a business strategy we have developed for the digital  world
·         We acknowledged the shift caused by social media and smart technology and responded to it
·         We went social – we are on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and Google + and we also use Blogger
·         We communicated evenly across all channels - Integrated Marketing Communications
·         We made use of SEO and SEM
·         We started a newsletter
·         We expanded and started using Amazon, selling in the UK
·         We started developing new relationships with manufactures
·         We stayed open, honest and friendly
·         We had fun... and still are having.
·         We had ideas... and still getting new ones, every day.

What is next?

·         eBay
·         Facebook shop
·         Twitter ecommerce
·         A new specialised website
·         Getting into new markets (abroad)
·         …and still thinking.