Tuesday, 12 July 2011

Questions, ponderings and nothings about... office things

The pros and cons of writing a business blog. Or... an office furniture blog. What are they? Who will read your blog about office crap? And why? Is humour the answer? Blogging about nothing. Nothing with a twist of office stuff. You know... like Seinfeld was a sitcom about nothing.

These are and are not rhetorical questions by the way. Feel free to give your input.

Office stuff is not that interesting. Unless you maybe put pictures of cool office spaces like these ones here:

Or maybe some photos of some silliness at work, office pranks or pranks in general are always fun.

Do you then somehow cleverly squeeze in some of your own office things and say ‘’Hey, look at us, we are what you need... and more. You have been waiting all your life for someone as seriously awesome as we are’’ or do you just show your products, your services, your offers but don’t inflate your self image and shove it down peoples throats?

Nobody likes an obnoxious character. So you mustn’t become one. That’s key. You mustn’t take yourself too seriously but at the same time, you need credibility.

And then... you must not be boring... because you will lose people’s attention just like... that.

So anyway? Where were we?

Ah yeah.

Go to officethings.ie. We are awesome. (< ---- This sentence just gave us another blogging idea. But there’s time, see you later).

P.S.: Serious self endorsement: If you can find another Irish online company offering a lower price on a product of the same brand and model, we will give you a credit for 100% of the difference. Not only that, but we will always work in matching our competitors prices or, in most cases, we will offer you a better price. You might have your reasons to look elsewhere, but you have all the reasons to come back and buy from us: we listen to your needs and adapt to meet them. Always.


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