Thursday, 27 October 2011

Water over... office things.

We were flooded. Everything in the office was destroyed.

Check out the water level.

These are the things we have learned.

1. Have insurance. Without it... you’re toast.

2. Do your back-ups. Without saved data you are... lost.

3. Know all your account numbers (telephone, internet, software subscriptions and whatever else you need to run your business). Without these you are stuck.

4. Ask for help. Without asking you will be buried under the... to do list.

5. Communicate. Let others know. So you don’t disappoint your business customers. If you need to ask for patience, do it. Better telling, then... the opposite.

6. Keep smiling. Go have a cup of tea and think things out. Without the ability to do this... you are gonna go bonkers.

7. Don’t forget to say thank you. When all is back. And don’t forget the above list. Actually, share it.

8. Nobody hurt? Say thank you to that and move on.

    ‘’And why do we fall? So we can learn to pick ourselves up. :) Some mainstream wisdom for you hehehe. 


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